Department of Industrial Design,
Faculty of Arts and Design, Yasar University, 35100, Bornova, Izmir, Turkey

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PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Ege University, 2007
  • Thesis: “Kinematic Analysis and Synthesis of Spherical Mechanisms”
MS in Mechanical Engineering, Dokuz Eylul University, 1986
  • Thesis: “Bauschinger Effect in Carbon Steels”
BS in Mechanical Enginering, Dokuz Eylul University, 1983


Yasar University, Izmir, TURKEY

  • Department of Industrial Design, 2015 - Present Assistant Professor
  • Department of Energy Systems Engineering, 2013 - 2015 Assistant Professor
Given Courses:
  • Computer Aided Drawing (6 times for Energy Systems Eng., Industrial Eng. and Electrical and Electronics Eng. Depts.)
  • Engineering Mechanics (4 times for Energy Systems Eng. and Industrial Eng. Depts.)
  • Introduction to Robotics (1 time for Electrical and Electronics Eng. Dept.)
  • Computer Aided Descriptive Geometry (3 times for Industrial Design Dept.)
  • Kinematic Design (2 times for Industrial Design Dept.
  • Mechanics for Product Designers-I (1 time for Industrial Design Dept., Master's level)

Ege University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Izmir, TURKEY

  • 2012 - 2013 Assistant Professor
  • 2004 - 2012 Instructor

Given Courses (2004-2013):
  • Principles of Robotics (5 times)
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (8 times)
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing (8 times)
  • Technical English - I (5 times)
  • Technical English -II (4 times)
  • Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms (Graduate) (2 times)
  • Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanisms (Graduate) (3 times)
  • Robot Analysis (Graduate) (2 times)
  • Computer Aided Design Algorithms (Graduate) (3 times)

Supervised PhD Theses (as co-advisor):
  • “Optimization of Transfer Force of Flat Lever Mechanisms”, A. B. Rakhmatulina (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kazakh National Technical University), 2013
  • “Synthesis of Linkage Mechanisms by Optimal Force Transmission Criteria”, G. Tanzharikova (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kazakh National Technical University), 2013

Supervised MSc Theses:
  • "Design of a rough terrain adaptive vehicle with multilevel bogie mechanism (LIBRA)", A. Yontar, 2010.
  • "Design and Manufacturing of a Novel 3-axis Spherical CNC Machining Tool", S. Savas, 2011.
  • “Design of a Passive Gravity Balancing Orthotic Device For Upper-Limb Stroke Patients”, U. Kemiklioglu, 2013
  • “Design of a Lower-limb Exoskeleton for Stroke Patients”, C. Ileten, 2013

Supervised Theses/Projects (Undergraduate):
  • "Body Guidance Synthesis of Planar Fourbar Mechanisms", C. B. Kocoglu, 2005
  • "Inverse Kinematic Analysis of Planar Mechanisms", O. Istanbulluoglu, 2005
  • "Function Generation Synthesis of Planar Fourbar Linkages", O. Istanbulluoglu, 2005
  • "NURBS Surface Modelling Sotware Program", O. Istanbulluoglu, 2005
  • "Computer Aided Determination of Miller Indexes in Three Basic Crystal Structures", O. Istanbulluoglu, 2005
  • "Forward Kinematic Analysis of a Planar Fourbar Mechanism", B. Bayramoglu, M. Balcin, 2005
  • "Computer Aided Modelling of Cam for a given Profile", U. Geyik, 2006
  • "Kinematic Analysis of a 3DOF Platform Type Digger", O. Korkmaz, 2006
  • "Soft Gripper Design", O. C. Inci, O. Karaoglu, 2006
  • "Robotic Applications of Shape Memory Alloys", E. Alkan, 2006
  • "Design of a Humanoid Robot Hand", M. A. Karadeniz, 2006
  • "Screw Dislocations", C. Aktas, 2007
  • "Miller Indexes", A. A. Menekse, 2007
  • "Forward and Inverse Kinematic Analysis of a 3DOF Planar Parallel Platform Type Mechanism", O. Korkmaz, 2007
  • "Kinematic Analysis of the Trailing Edge Flap and Actuating Mechanism", O. Yazar, 2007
  • "Design and Manufacturing of a 2DOF Spherical Mechanism", O. C. Inci, 2007
  • "Singularity Analysis and Manufacturing of a 3DOF Planar Parallel Platform Type Mechanism", O. Korkmaz, 2007
  • "Locomotion Mechanism of a Six Legged Robot", A. Barut, 2007
  • "Design of a Robot for Rough Terrain", A. Yontar, 2007
  • "Design of a Humanoid Shoulder Mechanism", A. Yontar, 2008
  • "Vibration Analysis of a heavy-duty truck passing through an obstacle", O. Yazar, 2008
  • "Design and Analysis of a Curb-Climbing Wheelchair with Double-Lambda mechanism", Enric Guiot Porta, 2010 (ERASMUS Student)
  • "Design and Manufacturing of an Irregular Object Grasping Robot Hand with Differential Mechanism", E. Yesilyurtlar and S. Tekin, 2010.
  • "Design and Manufacturing of an Actuation System for a Rough Terrain Adaptive Vehicle (LIBRA-II)", A. U. Baykal and A. Buz, 2012
  • "Design and Manufacturing of a 6-RUS Type  Hexa Robot", I. Basaran and G. Bulunur, 2013 (link).

Prizes and Competitions (Total: $29,250)
  • TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) 2209/A National University Students Research Project Support, December 1, 2012 ($2,000)
  • Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (Izmir branch) Student Project Competition, June 14, 2013 (Second Prize, $750)
  • TUBITAK 2241/B Industrial Focused Student Graduation Thesis Contest, July 3-9, 2013, Machine and Automation Technologies category (First Prize) (Students: $5,000, Academic Advisor: $2,000, Industrial Advisor: $2,000)
  • TUBITAK 2241/B Industrial Focused Student Graduation Thesis Contest, July 3-9, 2013, Grand Prize category (Second Prize) (Students: $10,000, Academic Advisor: $3,750, Industrial Advisor: $3,750)

 Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Izmir, TURKEY
2000 - 2004 Instructor

Given Courses:
  • Basic Computer Science and Programming
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing-I
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing-II
  • Computer Aided Mechanical Design
Supervised Theses (Undergraduate):
  • "Design of a Cleaning Vehicle" C. Urgen, 2002
  • "M-6 X The Autonomous Tea Maid" M. Altin, S. Kavalci, M. Nigdeli, 2003
  • "Weevil" G. Cetin, D. Yalcin, A. Alpan, H. E. Sevil, B. Akkiz, 2004
Building a Laboratory
Building a state of the art CAD/CAM laboratory (budget: $180,000)
  • ThermoJet 3D Printer by 3D Systems
  • ATOS II Optic Measurement System for Reverse Engineering by GOM
  • Phantom desktop haptic device by SenSable
  • CAD software (CATIA, SolidWorks)

1999 - 2000 Staff
  • CAD/CAM and Robotics related projects

Eksenel Ltd., Izmir, TURKEY
1996 - 1999 Owner and General Manager
  • Sales and training of hardware and software in CAD/CAM systems.
1995 - 1996 Freelance Advisor
  • AutoCAD courses and engineering support to the local manufacturing companies.

Bilim Computer A.S., Izmir, TURKEY
1992 - 1995 CAD Supervisor
  • CAD/CAM system and engineering support to the manufacturing companies.

Logo A.S., Izmir, TURKEY
1992 - 1992 (for four months) Software Support Manager

Pekel A.S., Manisa, TURKEY
1992 - 1992 (for four months) Product Engineer

1988 - 1992 Research and Development Engineer
  • Design and modification of suspension and structure systems of heavy trucks, vans and buses.

1987 - 1988 Mechanical Maintenance Engineer
  • Mechanical maintenance of heavy duty (100 tons) cranes used in electric-arc furnaces.

The Ministry of Defence, Ankara, TURKEY
1986 - 1987 Second Lieutenant
  • Mechanical Engineering projects (compulsory military service)


Bibliometric Indicators (as of May 2016)
  • h-index: 4 (ref: Scopus, Google Scholar)
  • Citation Number: 55 (ref: Scopus)
  • Citation Number: 79 (ref: Google Scholar).

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(*) stayed in "Top25 Hottest Articles" list of ScienceDirect for nine months in 2005.

Refereed Conference Proceedings
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Research Projects
Visiting Scientist - COPRIN (Constraints solving, OPtimization, Robust INterval analysis) Project - INRIA - Sophia Antipolis Technopark, France, 2003.

Researcher, E-Studio: An interactive studio model to give a service to the Industry in Industrial Design and Engineering, Izmir Institute of Technology, 2000.


2016/16295 (Patent Pending)
Modular Floating Buoy System with Multi-layered Swing Mechanism for Stabilization of Offshore Platforms


Workshop Organizing Committee Membership
Symposium Scientific Committee Membership
Awards Received
  • 25-year award from Turkish Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (TMMOB).
  • Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering 2011-2012 (11th Edition).
Summer Schools Attended
  • Summer School on Elliptic Essentials and Cryptography
    September 9-11, 2003, Izmir Institute of Technology, Izmir, Turkey
Web of Science Journal Reviewership
  • Mechanism and Machine Theory, ISSN: 0094-114X
  • International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, ISSN: 1729-8806
M.S. Thesis Jury Membership
  • "Robotization of Hand Woven Carpet Technology Process", O. Selvi, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Izmir Institute of Technology, 2008
  • "Design of Parallel Micromechanisms for Knotting Operations", C. Cankaya, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Izmir Institute of Technology, 2009
  • "Design of Reconfigurable Deployable Structure for Post Disaster Housing", F. Atarer, Master of Science in Architecture, Izmir Institute of Technology, December, 2014
  • "Modelling and Control of a 3-RRS Parallel Manipulator", H. Tetik, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Izmir Institute of Technology, July, 2016
  • "Modelling and Experimental Setup of a Cable Driven System", T. Eraz, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Izmir Institute of Technology, July, 2016
Ph.D. Thesis Jury Membership
  • "Novel Design Methodologies for Transformable Doubly-Ruled Surface Structures", F. Maden, Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture, Izmir Institute of Technology, January, 2015
  • "A New Design Approach for Planar Retractable Plate Structures Based on  Uniform Tessellations", A. G. Gezgin, December, 2016
Ph.D. Thesis Reviewership
  • "Analysis and Synthesis of Parallel Manipulators", F. C. Can, Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering, Izmir Institute of Technology, 2008
Jury Membership
  • Jury member in 3rd National Robot Competition of EBSO (Aegean Region Chamber of Industry), May 24-25, 2008 Izmir, Turkey.
  • Project Judge in FLL (First Lego League) Izmir Tournament, Yasar University, February 15-16, 2014 Izmir, Turkey
  • Robot Design Judge in FLL (First Lego League) Izmir Tournament, Yasar University, March 07-08, 2015 Izmir, Turkey
Professional Membership
  • TMMOB, Turkish Chamber of Mechanical Engineers
  • MAKTED, Turkish Machine Theory Association (Turkey branch of IFToMM, International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science)


 Some of my design studies are given below. Prototypes are made by my undergraduate and graduate students. 


I started to play classical guitar when I was 16 years old. I taught myself to play guitar by using classical guitar methods of Ferdinando Carulli and Frederick M. Noad. I was lucky enough to play with a great guitarist and my dear friend Alper Kaya, in almost every stage of my guitar life. We studied on Renaissance and Baroque Music and also Latin improvisation techniques. I get a mention in the First National Classical Guitar Contest in Istanbul, 1984. I gave a guitar-flute recital with flutist Funda Meyer in 1985, and performed Vivaldi concertos with Chamber Music Orchestra in Izmir, 1986. I also wrote some classical guitar compositions inspired from traditional Turkish music.

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